The Benefits of Care Home Investments

Strong fundamentals combined with an ageing population in the UK has made healthcare, and in particular, care homes, a very attractive asset class for investors. Property investors who are looking to build or diversify their portfolios, or want a steady rental income to save for retirement, have jumped on this gap in the market and are using the care home asset class to add profitable properties to their property portfolios.


Care home investments are high yielding with a net return of up to 10% per annum realistic. The threshold for entry is relatively low, costing you as little as £64,999 to get into this lucrative and growing market.


Care homes are also a hassle-free investment, which means that the unit you buy in the care home will be fully-managed by the care home operator. They will be in charge of the care of the patient living in the care home, as well as the maintenance of the unit itself.


As well as traditional care homes for those seniors with medical needs, luxury care home investments are also becoming more popular. These luxury suites are a particularly valuable investment because they attract higher-paying residents, resulting in higher weekly rentals for you as the investor.


Luxury care homes are great for elderly citizens who are looking to downsize their accommodation from the family home, but often it is the social aspect as much as the financial considerations that prompt the move, as many seniors wish to live in a community environment. It gives the residents a good amount of independence as they can attend social events and go on walks around the grounds. In addition, there is also the care available, where trained and qualified staff help residents with whatever needs they may have.


Investment Spotlight: Plas y Bryn Nursing Home

A  purpose-built  care  home  situated  in Cwmgwili,  Carmarthenshire.  Warm  and welcoming, with English and Welsh spoken in equal  measure,  Plas-y-Bryn  enjoys  a  high reputation for care within the local community and among visiting healthcare professionals.


Opportunity Highlights

• 8% – 10% Assured NET returns per annum

• Guaranteed Buy Back K (3, 5, 9, 15 & 20 Years)

• Paid Quarterly

• Returns per annum

• A hands off investment

• Fully managed care home


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