Why St.Kitts & Nevis is one of world’s best citizenship by investment programmes.

St Kitts and Nevis has been ranked one of the world’s best citizenship by investment programmes by experts, as the dual-island nation continues to attract overseas investors to its shores.

The migration investment industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with more than half of the European Union member states offering residence to investors. Direct access to citizenship is not only a way to attract investors, but also an increasingly important part of an investment portfolio, as wealthy families and individuals develop their growth and sustainability strategies in 2018 and beyond.

While Portugal and Austria are ranked number one by citizenship law experts Henley & Partners, St Kitts and Nevis is among the top six nations offering the scheme in the world. The nation’s citizenship program scores full marks for its physical and residency requirements, with no requirement on the part of the investor to reside in the country to be eligible. It also compares favourably for its fast processing, with time to citizenship only taking four months.

Offering access to over 160 countries, including the European Schengen area and the UK, St Kitts and Nevis is also one of the widest-reaching passports.

Citizenship by Investment Opportunity

Citizenship is a key part of the nation’s allure to overseas buyers. The new Fisherman’s Cabanas beachfront resort, located on Nevis island, has seen a significant volume of interest driven by the program.

The resort, which offers access to world-class golf, award-winning spas and top-level water-sports, is next door to one of the world’s leading luxury hotels: the Four Seasons Resort, which Bill Gates owns. The destination, meanwhile, has its own international airport, which also accommodates for small planes and private jets, while remaining an exclusive and exotic retreat.

Investors are given the option to select a cash return or freehold villa, based on a 5-year equity investment. They benefit from high yields, plus the option of 100%  buy-back after five years, depending on their choice of investment. There is also no income tax or capital gains tax. One of the biggest returns on investment, though, is the prized St Kitts and Nevis passport.

Only a select few passports in approved projects are issued annually by the government, and approved Fisherman’s Cabanas applications can include multiple passports per family.


– The Move channel 2018

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