Five reasons Cape Verde shines as a property investment hotspot

Looking for an overseas property investmentOne nation stands out as a clear winner for investors. Golden properties presents five fantastic reasons why entrepreneurs should consider investing in Cape Verde.

1) Cape Verde tourism is thriving 

As reported by the National Statistics Institute in Cape Verde, the Islands have seen a significant tourism boost during the last year. Foreign visits increased 13.6% with the Islands of Sal and Boa Vista being the most popular tourists spots. Charlie King, chief operating officer of The Resort Group explains,  

“It’s such a strong emerging market for tourism. It’s growing day by day and the government is so committed to the development of tourism.

Investors buying into this very fast growing tourism market means occupancy rates and the value of properties will continue to riseHe continues, “It’s not just the percentage returns, its also the potential for capital growth. Tourism is growing faster and faster in Cape Verde and we expect that to double in the next five to six years.

2) Perfect climate

Throughout the year there is endless sunshine and year round temperatures of around 25°C to 30°C. The social and economic situation of the area is also in good hands, because there is also low risk of destructive weather phenomena such as hurricanes, earthquakes or floods.

Furthermore there are no endemic diseases and vaccinations are not required and there are no dangerous or poisonous animals such as snakes, insects or wild cats.

3) Holiday property market success

The success of the holiday property market in Cape Verde is largely driven by the increasing number of visitors to Sal. Two of the island’s largest resorts have attracted over a million tourists combined.

The World Travel and Tourism Council outline the property market will continue to grow. As long as visitors continue to travel to Cape Verde, there will be a high demand for beachfront holiday resorts.

The Island of Boa Vista is looking bright and is set to become a new overseas property investment hotspot. Offering far reaching untouched beaches and crystal clear seas, it is the second most popular Island in Cape Verde.

4) Cape Verde is protected from over development

The Cape Verdean government has strict laws in place that only allows low level and low density projects to proceed. Thus restricting the number of properties that can be built. This protects the charm and appeal of the area which is great for the overseas property market, keeping demand and supply high.

5) Management schemes are available to increase investment success

If a management scheme is signed, investors can be supported on all aspects of running an overseas property . From advance holiday bookings through to property maintenance.

Resorts can offer hotel management schemes that are marketed on a global scale through travel agents and tour operators. This means their properties are more likely to see high occupancy levels.

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